@felix This is a classic thought stopping strategy: ask questions that are worded like you're asking for opinions, but for all intents and purposes there is a "correct" answer.

Also, #isntreal is a 10/10 pun.

@felix The media lost their absolute minds when a Pakistani Muslim school was teaching kids how to behead sinners under Islamic law, which, yeah I agree that it's a very toxic thing to be teaching and am not defending it, but like, how is this better? Why isn't this being mentioned nearly as often?

@AgreeableLandscape the one you mention sounds more like a normal history lesson. israel is saying 1939 nazi shit and westerners dont care (or dont know)

@felix I'm not actually sure what the real context of that was, there was a video of teachers demonstrating beheading tied up dummies in front of children in a field that sparked a massive outcry, but I don't know the language so I have no idea what the real story behind that is, or how legitimate the clip actually was.

@AgreeableLandscape @felix that’s was a report on national tv asking religious kids on Palestines. Honestly? That is common extremist answers on both sides.

@AgreeableLandscape @felix Peace start by good education. unfortunately, there are players/leaders on both side who rather to keep people ignorant.

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