Our bot @HatBot has followed accounts with tag in bio and has been reported 11 times, we have already solved it, sorry for the inconvenience, if you detect any fault we will be happy to solve it, thanks πŸ€–

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@hatthieves well, it doesn't seem to be solved, I have the #nobots tag in bio and I've just been followed by @HatBot

@hatthieves @HatBot otherwise you're just following the usual spyware logic

@hatthieves i didn't say you were, i said you are following the same logic.
that needing to ask for consent is too much work for you, and that the data is already "public" (no matter what kind of publicity the author had in mind) so you can do whatever you want with it.

@grainloom we are not collecting any kind of data, we read it directly from the instance

@hatthieves i'm not gonna argue semantics.
just consider how making your thing opt-in would work. you might find that it's better for everyone.

@hatthieves @grainloom the issue is the fact that it generates noise in people's notifications, and for locked accounts, every moron who thinks their bot should follow us, the amount of follows we have to reject adds up.

it's spam, stop it.
@hatthieves @grainloom federation bots have already been replaced by "relays" in mastodon, you should check it out. there are many public relays where you can pull posts in a non-intrusive manner

dear @hatthieves , I first report @HatBot then I discuss to be completely clear

I totally agree with @grainloom that you need explicit consensus, so please follow only account with the # yesbot tag

you profit of the "default power" in the fediverse since there is no by-design software solution for people to avoid this sick behaviour

please stop to make experiments on us

@hatthieves @HatBot You need to get explicit opt-in for this sort of thing. β€œOpt out with #nobot” is not good enough

@ebel first there is a consensus with the hashtag , then people complain, now they want with the hashtag , thanks for reporting it the bot has been banned from the instance, bye problem

@hatthieves is good that the problem has gone away. πŸ™‚

IMO there never was consensus for #nobot. I never agreed to it. A group of other people cannot decide that I have consented to bots unless I opt out.

@ebel @hatthieves my entire instance has a rule against followbots so the "#nobot" tag is redundant for any of us, when i can just deactivate the bots for not doing the right thing on fedi

i try to talk to bot admins and make them realise that followbots are obsoleted by relays but some (like are too stubborn to listen
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