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In hindsight, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism wasn’t radical enough in its prediction of actual reality. Zuboff’s idea for the active principle of instrumentarian power was behavioral “nudges” that didn’t touch the inner core of a person’s underlying beliefs. But you can actually whole-hog drop people into alternate reality belief systems with this kind of power.

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«[..]In the summer of 2019, the alt-right social network Gab migrated to the decentralized "Fediverse" of social networks after being booted from mainstream financial services and hosting solutions. Almost immediately, Gab was met by a dedicated movement to isolate it. [..]»


A glitch in the matrix. 🦆 🦆

(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

.«[..] will be able to dissociate yourself from that particular book and move on to another book instead of stopping reading altogether.' »

“Be bored with a book, not with the act of reading”
> —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

( via Michael Currin )


«Fractalize your mental patterns instead of reading as a whole (i.e., one single pattern, where the mood of the act is associated with the ego), that way you will be able to
selectively associate yourself with a book instead of the act of reading. Most people stop reading when they are bored of reading, but by fractalizing your mental patterns[..] '



que nos cuentas desde el camarote , a rebosar de código fuente - ya... Groucho ?

Y pues ...

chimaera/runit rocks ?

+ flows ? ,

"[..]soy el guardián
de la selva
y tu no me comprarás[..]"

-. Niños Mutantes | 'Ventanas'

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Pongamos que hablamos de Madrid.