«[..]In the summer of 2019, the alt-right social network Gab migrated to the decentralized "Fediverse" of social networks after being booted from mainstream financial services and hosting solutions. Almost immediately, Gab was met by a dedicated movement to isolate it. [..]»


@jordila lmao Torba didn't do shit with Fedi it wasn't part of Gab, people just moved around. If anything Minds plans to join Fedi.
People moved from Gab because a) no lewd b) Desscenter / Gab updates are not really there c) the Gab hack made even verified users post junk

Losts of reasons to move imo lol

@lonelyllama well, sooner o later ... in terms of experience, that door had to be crossed ?

The more challenging experiences... the more collective federated learning ?

We are ready to surf the next hate wave... 🏄
Keep calm, and mutual aid ?

@jordila Oh no I agree alt sites were going to happen but maybe it wouldn't if other things censored less, you know?
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