@fabianbonetti ah... gracias por la invitación, che.

te apetece contar algo más sobre él ? Hay Blogpost, notas o similar ?

Una buena sala sobre electrónica en general es .
Es un chat en . Su JID es:

Por si te interesan temas de electrónica analógica, digital, ...

Trastear con arduino, etc...

I'm not telling you to stop learning a JS framework.

I'm telling you to at least learn HTML and CSS before jumping to it.

From my experience, the path 'for enlightnemet

1.- go +
2.- + vanilla
3.- go learning a JS framework ...

"whistles an bells " (only) when needed ?

@ekaitz_zarraga ... estamos viendo, de cooperar... desarrollo algo más fino que lo que hacíamos hasta, (veremos) ahora con btactic.com/

@ekaitz_zarraga estamos en las mismas... lo de siempre,

¿ calidad vs volumen ?
Proyectos... ¿"pocos y baratos"? o ¿"muchos y caros" ?

Hola ...

Hemos formalizado nuestra tabla de costes/precios y donaciones en lo que hacemos en

PD: me pregunto ... como , gestionará eso ... @ekaitz_zarraga

p.ej. ?

como siempre, críticas/sugerencias...más que bienvenidos


hey @aral !

ouch i've got (see screenshot),ouchh...

ThX for such a promising tool, BTW

Wow, just had a DNS provider tell me that they cannot supply our tiny two-person not-for-profit with a Data Processing Agreement unless we upgrade from the €6/mo plan we’re on to a €300/mo plan.

Basically I’m using them to set up subdomains on one domain as part of what we’re building for small-web.org.

I don’t even know how that’s legal.

To contrast, with Hetzner for the VPS hosting it was a couple of clicks and with Stripe, it was one click to get it set up.


@ekaitz_zarraga @cwebber you guys are pro Krita-Wacomers art ? Me and (10 years old) Maia are willing to learn more about... the path to follow.
Where to start ? what's the affordable Wacom model for beginners ... ?

PS: it's not her... that was 1-M Ukraine , 1968 xD

Join us tomorrow at XMPP Office Hours 📢 for "Intro to JMAP" by Daniel Gultsch at 16:00 UTC (Tue, 27th of April '21)

Join here: socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-d

You also would like to give a talk? Info:

#JMAP #json #http #websocket #standards #email

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